Tailored Payment Services

What makes us different...

Tailored rates of exchange

We ‘quote’ our rates and fees verbally or electronically which means we can be confident we’re offering you outstanding competition, fair and transparent pricing and timely execution. Clients are encouraged to communicate with us; it may be old fashioned, but it is the best way for us to add value.

Step by step

Your dedicated dealer is with you throughout the entire transaction process, right from quoting a rate to formally confirming the arrival of your funds with your beneficiary; one point of contact for all your needs.  Have a look at our SECTORS page to get a feel for our approach.

Security of funds

CrossbarFX transact exclusively through segregated client accounts in strict accordance with FCA rules, ensuring our clients’ money is never at risk and we are always and immediately accountable. FCA registration number: 535761.

Ever Ready

The needs of our clients will change and evolve. We make no distinction, in terms of quality of service, between a personal one off payment and a regular business transaction, and you can speak with one expert currency dealer for both or either payment type.

Think smart

CrossbarFX offers a full suite of ‘same day’, ‘next day’, ‘spot’ and ‘forward’ buying contracts and tools. Your personal dealer will assist you in assessing the merits of a particular contract type and outline the benefits of whichever option achieves your goal.

Test our rates

Before formally registering as a client you are welcome to ask us for indicative quotations so you can compare us against your bank or broker. Our fees and rates are explained clearly and we can even inform you of the potentially undisclosed fees of the receiving bank you wish to send your money to.

CrossbarFX is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services.  FCA registration number 535761. Our HMRC registration number is 12232355. To view our Complaints Handling policy or Privacy Policy please use the download links below. All client funds are segregated from Company funds. We are also members of the AUKPI (Association of UK Payment Institutions) and AFEP (Association of foreign exchange and payment companies).