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Things to consider

CrossbarFX works with a number of the UK’s leading sports contract, logistics and promotions companies.

We also convert currencies for a growing number of sports men and women negotiating contracts, relocating abroad or coming to play or promote in the UK.

Increasingly we are receiving enquiries from sports related businesses, teams and clubs keen to minimise their exposure to ever changing exchange rates and mitigate their effects on transfer costs, contract disputes, overseas licensing of sports products and the import and export of merchandise.

At an individual level sporting professionals with interests globally can rely on CrossbarFX to execute transfers and payments discretely, at a moment’s notice and at the best commercial rates of exchange.

Our experience extends to working with rugby and football clubs at player, agent and board level; golfers and tennis players, racing yards and bloodstock agencies and trainers.

Our ability to provide live quoted rates of exchange is tremendously useful to law firms negotiating on behalf their clients; and the nature of our client accounts is such that businesses who need to hold foreign currency reserves can rely on us to act quickly when making payments for the purchase of blood stock, equipment, sponsorship, winnings or even just overseas expenses and accommodation whilst touring.

Sports businesses tend to face many of the same concerns as other companies in sectors we understand and so passporting our depth of knowledge into as dynamic and fast-growing an area as this gives an edge to our proposition and can be hugely to the advantage of our clients and their representatives.

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