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At CrossbarFX we pride ourselves on the depth of experience we have in this sector.  We began working with rural businesses in 2004 and this, along with agricultural businesses and landed estates, is an area we consider ourselves particularly proficient in.

With our Head Office located in the heart of the Lake District and consultants permanently based in London, East Anglia and the South West, CrossbarFX is uniquely placed to provide tailored and expert advice, guidance and rates of exchange to manufacturing and agricultural businesses of all sizes and covering a great many geographical and specialist areas.

We deal primarily with owner managed and family run businesses as well as a number of landed estates, fisheries, grain and vegetable traders and a variety specialist food producers and specialist equipment makers.

Single farm payments, buying equipment from overseas, exporting fresh produce or making long term payments for research and development, the list goes on.

The main point we wish to make when dealing with businesses with a more niche offering is that we speak your language.

The work we do with members of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and the Charity Fairs Association (CFA), amongst others, ensures that our knowledge of this sector is current and personal, which allows us to tailor our approach to suit our audience.

Some banks raise eyebrows when considering the import and export activity of certain rural industry sectors and this is precisely because they don’t understand who the client is.

Also, we encounter a number of businesses who are still required to visit their local bank branch to send a foreign currency payment.

With our excellent rates and simple procedures we’re confident in our ability to show up the inadequacies of the services many businesses and co-operatives think they have no alternative but to use.

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