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Things to consider

Constant fluctuations in the rate of exchange mean that for those buying or selling property outside the UK the currency amounts involved increase or decrease without warning, day by day.

Add to this  the fact that the rates of exchange shown ‘on-line’ by your bank or through a web-site  are in some cases 3-5% different to that which you might receive when transferring with your bank and you are, essentially, faced with an uncertain, sometimes complicated and potentially costly set of variables.

Whether buying or selling overseas, local knowledge and the ability to convert your currency at commercial rates of exchange will make the process through which you have to go faster, more efficient and less expensive – and this is what we offer.

At CrossbarFX we only provide  ‘commercial’ rates of exchange.  This means our rates undercut the ‘retail’ rates offered to you by your bank and once you instruct us to lock in and convert currency the cost is fixed; you are no longer at the mercy of minute by minute changes in the foreign currency markets.

You can speak with one experienced currency dealer throughout the buying or selling process and this gives us the opportunity to introduce other solutions that might further reduce or, at the very least, cement your costs.

Your dealer will be familiar with all the particulars associated with sending or receiving your currency, whether it be arriving from your French notaire, forwarding to your Spanish Abogado or depositing in to a designated Escrow account.

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