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Things to consider

The notion of us specialising in the ‘lifestyle’ sector stems from a belief that the one-off needs of either an individual or a business client buying or selling niche products is invariably, on closer inspection, indicative of a wider foreign exchange need.

We work with a number of ‘sales agents’ and ‘manufacturer’s representatives’ based in the UK who receive commissions from brands (producing all manner of products) located abroad.  Customers of these agency style businesses tend to pay the overseas supplier direct in a foreign currency so being able to introduce or rely on a foreign exchange specialist who can shave upwards of 2% off the sterling cost of that purchase is valuable to both the agency and to their customers.

Sending personal payments for living expenses, mortgage payments, foreign currency denominated salaries – all of these can come under the banner of ‘lifestyle’ and we are keen to emphasise that, large or small, we do it all.

Furniture, specialist lighting, bespoke one-off items or decorative pieces, antiques, valuations, interior design sourcing, luxury furnishings, ‘works of art’ – often these can be provided to individual clients by stand-alone specialist suppliers or by one-stop shops offering packages or turn-key solutions.  An ability to centralise any foreign exchange or international payment concern when you’re dealing with a number of suppliers, complimented by the best exchange rates on offer,  is highly prized amongst our clients.

We consider our experience of working with lifestyle businesses to range from small to medium sized interior design practises right across to sports gun manufacturers and rare-breed poultry importers.

Companies with products or services that ‘enhance’ the lives of their customer-base or who operate in such a way as to prioritise a style of interaction with their buyers might not pay close attention to their foreign exchange risks; and that is what we are here for.

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