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Things to consider

Many of the sectors we specialise in link together and it is rarely the case that any one sector is exclusive of another.  This is no more so the case than in the field of corporate and private client relocation.

Yes, we specialise in the foreign exchange and international transfer side of things, but to do so requires an understanding of the other facets of the process.

Issues such as buying or renting accommodation, schooling, savings and asset transfer, domestic removals and even buying a vehicle, all come under the umbrella of relocation whether that be to the UK or from it, and more often than not foreign exchange has a part to play in these undertakings.

We are partnered both formally and informally with a number of the UK’s foremost property search/sourcing and relocation agencies, single focus immigration practises and specialist relocation companies in London and further afield.

Also we are well known and highly regarded amongst human resource departments within companies with a growing global work force.  

CrossbarFX assists companies moving to or establishing offices in overseas territories and relocating staff, stock and equipment; one off payments for logistics, or regular transactions for salaries, share dividends or overseas licenses.

In an attempt not to pigeon hole the needs of our clients we have included this sector as an area of specialism precisely because we can make introductions and recommendations ourselves for those clients who may not have considered certain aspects of their move.

Be assured you are dealing with a firm well versed in dealing in relocation related private client concerns and we welcome your call to talk through what you need done and how best we can achieve it.

Our directors and a number of our associates have first hand experience of relocating to and from the UK and the complications that can arise from sending school fees, buying property, engaging domestic staff and making ready for your arrival in another country.

Sharing our understanding of this, coupled with providing an unparalleled rate of exchange, is the least we can do.

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