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The UK is a hub for importers and exporters across a variety of spheres so to say we cater for importers and exporters is about as broad as a company can get.  At a basic level we aim to ensure payments are made quickly to overseas suppliers and at the best exchange rates available.

The vast majority of importers in the UK already work with currency companies because, naturally, the two areas cross over wildly.  For that reason we stake our reputation on being able to undercut even other companies in our own field.

Banks typically charge over the top to send a payment and offer hideous rates of exchange, but even within the non-banking foreign exchange sector there are varying degrees of competition on rates.

Fewer exporters work with currency companies and we suspect this is because they fail to realise that regardless of whether or not they hold their own foreign currency account(s), they stand to gain from the improvements that come with a commercial rate of exchange.

Being able to receive payments from overseas customers for our UK based export and manufacturing clients means they need’nt hold their own accounts.  We notify them of the arrival of a payment, and guide them as to the best time to sell their currency at the best rate.

As well as our much praised responsiveness, identifying smarter ways for a company to execute their payments, whether that be through grouping multiple payments to the same supplier, netting off incoming foreign currency payments against foreign currency invoices yet to be settled – the solutions side of our work is what sets us apart from a purely ‘one click’ online portal.

We can grow with a company and serve as an external foreign exchange department until such a time as treasury functions are incorporated into the company structure.

The main goal is a consistent, appreciative and personable way to ensure our clients’ bottom line is always improved by the greatest margin possible.

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