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Film and television has, in recent years, become a higher profile sector within the UK economic breakdown and our own portfolio of work.

CrossbarFX has worked for years with both film financiers and distributors, but we have recently seen an increase in the number of producers and agencies interested in understanding how to limit the effects of frequently changing exchange rates on overseas location shoots and promotional campaigns outside the UK.

Like any business, a UK based production company has to manage, if not control, costs through pre and post production as well as during shooting, therefore identifying those tools that can both minimise the risk of exchange rates moving unfavourably and maximise the benefit gained from improvements in the rate is core to our work with this sector.

Working with financial advisors and solicitors, as well as the finance departments within both larger national Film and TV brands and independent operators, we believe we have crafted an expertly administered set of services for actors and production staff, as well as investors in the movie making business.

The repatriation of fees and profits from both syndication and distribution rights, as well as dividends and movie rights are all enhanced by the uniquely priced commercial rates of exchange we offer as standard.

UK based companies offering expert niche services such as CGI and special effects can invoice overseas clients in their own currency to pitch and even compete directly in foreign markets.  Give us a ring to find out how this works in practise.

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