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For families based in the UK or overseas with children studying in another country the process of transferring a set amount to pay for fees and expenses can be complicated and, in some cases,  confusing.

Many UK based private schools and Universities ask for deposits and periodic instalments on a termly basis; with the constant movement of exchange rates this means the annual or quarterly cost of schooling can go up or down with the market.

CrossbarFX allows parents, guardians, executors and benefactors to fix a rate of exchange for a prolonged period.  Whilst this does not benefit the client should the rate of exchange improve, it does mean that the cost of school or university fees won’t go up over the period.

In addition to the more structured payment tools we offer, every client of Crossbar works closely with an experienced currency dealer to minimise the inconvenience that can be associated with sending money internationally.

Having one point of contact with whom one can consult at every stage of the transfer process means both the mechanics of the payment and the expectations of the client are managed and controlled.

From when we ‘quote’ on the potential foreign currency cost of a payment to the arrival of a client’s funds, your currency dealer is tasked with not only trouble shooting on topics like estimated arrival times for payments, but also potentially undisclosed deductions applied by routing banks.

We pride ourselves on anticipating those aspects of a foreign exchange transaction that you may not have considered  like providing a receipt or formal proof of payment for the school or academic institution.

Not only will our rates of exchange reduce the cost of paying school or university fees in the UK and internationally, but clients benefit from upfront and candid guidance as to the best time to transact and how to minimise cost increases over the year and longer term.

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