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Things to consider

CrossbarFX is the ‘preferred’ broker for a growing number of national trade associations and industry bodies.

As well as transacting directly for organisations’ management and operating teams, for example in instances where they collect membership subscriptions from non-doms or are required to pay for events and conferences abroad, we also trade for members and patrons of these associations and groups.

We aide individuals and staff/members moving money globally and relocating abroad or working with businesses from within a particular sector who are as yet unfamiliar with FX services other than those their bank provide.

The work we do is compelling when presented as part of a  ‘members’ benefits’ package and we know this because our strong ties to administrative bodies has grown predominantly from direct member recommendations and introductions.

Whilst we aim to limit the scope of any direct advertising, so as to keep our overheads low, we regularly attend Annual General Meetings and shareholder conferences as preferred suppliers, adding value where we can.

Many pan-industry alliances and partnerships present specific member communities or club members with ‘preferential rates’ and ‘unique’ services.

We ask “What does ‘preferential’ mean when you should be operating at the most competitive levels already?”.

Industry organisations,  to a greater or lesser extent, recognise the benefit of their members working with a firm like ours whose focus is tailored, personal and unobtrusive.

Whilst we do not have formal ‘partnerships’ with certain associations, our client base shows patterns of word of mouth growth from within obvious membership bases, for instance pilots, offshore oil and gas professionals, and professionals in the medical and legal sectors on placements in the UK or abroad.

Our directors and associates speak regularly to business groups and organisations in person and we contribute to a number of national periodicals and news letters to educate our potential clients as to why specialist foreign exchange firms afford them distinct commercial advantages not just in terms of an improved bottom line, but also when competing in overseas markets.  

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